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309 AirBorne
Course Background
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Course Background:

Our course pattern, flying operations and pilot rating is adapted from the French and American standard operating procedures and pilot proficiency systems. Classes are limited to six people so quality instruction is guaranteed. Our emphasis is on getting people to enjoy the sport and fly safely.


Lessons begin on flat ground where you learn to control the glider while safely on the ground, progressing to low flights on nursery slopes or by winch. You then graduate to soaring like a bird.


You may take a tandem flight if you prefer to first get a feel of what paragliding is all about however, we think that the best way to experience this magical event is by flying solo.


We recommend that you start with our Student Pilot course where you learn the basics of the sport and get a number of solo flights and then progress to our Aviator course that prepares you to fly on your own with the big boys without instructor supervision.


Around now you can try to grow your own wings. However, if you can't grow 'em, buy 'em!!!


If you aren't too sure but still want a closer look, our Initiation course is for people who don't want to fully commit until they have tasted the pudding and for groups looking for a fun and adventure weekend.


Course Overview:

Here at 309 AirBorne we have developed a training programme that is enjoyable and satisfying in a country holiday environment set amongst the hills. Lessons begin on flat ground where you learn to control the glider while safely on the ground. After a brief demonstration, you will put on a harness and learn the necessary kiting, launching and landing skills on flat ground. Your lessons will include demonstrations by your instructor, observations of other students, hands-on experience and theory classes. When you feel comfortable and can demonstrate good control of the glider, we move to the training slope or the winch where you'll begin your bunny hops/low level flights. You then graduate to flying solo at higher altitudes under the guidance of your instructor calmly talking you through your flight. You will learn to take off, make gentle turns, judge wind direction and land gracefully as a condor.


First Flights:

Since all aspects of our training are designed keeping in mind your safety, your first flights wether on the training hill or on the winch will be carried out under strictly controlled conditions.



What after the course?

We help you continue with the sport by offering you glider rentals, flight supervision, and accommodation at our base. Our site will keep you informed about the weather, who's visiting, our flying trips & clinics and interesting developments in the sport.

We also give you advice on & help you purchase a wing suited to your need when you do decide to buy one.

See you in the blue skies!!!