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309 AirBorne
Flying Courses
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Initiation: 2 day course



Rating: 'None'   Eligibility: 'None'

This is a course for those wanting to know what this sport is all about. A fun weekend aimed to give you a peek into free flight. It covers the basic techniques, kiting skills, how a glider flies, an understanding of the inherent simplicity of the sport that has fulfilled man's oldest dream. It is fun weekend in the great outdoors and is also suited to families. It takes place under very controlled conditions and the highlight of the course is a tandem flight with a trained pilot. This intro course is great for anyone wondering if paragliding is for them or someone who just wants to try out something new and exciting!


Student Pilot (Basic): 4 Days (Can be covered over any 2 weekends)



Rating: 'Rookie'   Eligibility: 'Anyone above 16 years'

Anyone above 16 years of age can register for this course provided you do not have a previous history of heart disease, major back ailments or blackouts. Reasonable physical fitness is an asset although a sportive attitude would hold you in good stead. If you have the desire to learn how to fly this course is for you. It is Ideal for a first timer who wants a good solid basis in which to learn this exciting sport. It will provide you with the first structured training enabling you to fly under the direct supervision of an instructor. Practical training covers a large part of this course and by the second day you will begin flying solo. All flights will be radio supervised. Safety and theory is taught before and after flights.


Aviator (Intermediate): 4 days (Can be covered over any 2 weekends)



Rating: 'Aviator'   Eligibility: 'A student pilot course'

A beginner/basic pilot course done in any part of the world, log of flights and tasks completed. Having completed your beginner course you are guaranteed to want to learn more and expand your horizons. This is an important level to aim for if you intend to continue with the sport. This course is designed to keep you soaring for extended periods. Plenty of time is devoted to airtime experience and we go over the basic theory of aerodynamics, site selection, rules of the air weather and safety. You learn how to soar, practice maneuvers, altitude and glide judgement, & emergency skills. Radio supervision is provided for your comfort and safety. By the end of this course you should be confident to fly and practice without direct instructor supervision but within significant operating limitations. When you register for this course you get your own Helmet with your very own unique call sign for keeps.


Ace (Pilot): 4 days (Can be covered over any 2 weekends) 



Rating: 'Ace' Eligibility: 'Aviator Rating with at least 25 logged flights'

An Aviator with a minimum of 25 logged flights. This level equates to skills and techniques required to fly competently independently. During this course the pilot gains the knowledge and skills to fly most sites in mild to moderate soaring conditions, and to judge when the site and conditions are within the pilots skill, knowledge and experience level. We offer you more than just a paragliding course besides learning to fly in a peaceful environment you get a chance to unwind in nature and discover your sense of peace and bliss.

Please note: We are conservative in our training programs and teaching on winches, bunny slopes, tandem flights or High mountain sites is done only in Ideal conditions. Safety is our main concern and we are reliant on good weather conditions for safe progression of individuals in their training. Our base area is fortunate enough to have very good climate during most periods with light to moderate winds most of the year round, so flyable days are many. We FLY & TEACH all the year around except the monsoons.